ISPC Position Statement on the Trans Pacific Partnership


The following Position Statement was approved by the Board of directors February 7, 2014.

The Illinois Single-Payer Coalition opposes the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and opposes granting fast track authority for its approval. The details of this free trade agreement are being negotiated in secret; we work for public process for creating policy, and for public accountability on the part of the health care system. The TPP has the potential, because of its extreme pro-corporate provisions (for instance, limits on governments' powers to regulate public services, requirements that provision of public services be open to private corporations), to damage public health and public health care systems; we fight to protect and improve public health. The TPP has the potential to advance the privatization of all public services; we fight for public financing of health care. The TPP would allow corporations to sue governments over loss of expected profits; we fight to subordinate profits from health care related industries to human needs. 

In summary, the TPP would enhance the power of the financial interests that are responsible for the crisis in the US health care system, and for immeasurable suffering on the part of our people. We oppose it out of our commitment to a health care system that will promote the health and well-being of all our people.  

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